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Fahrschule Jochum Kaiserslautern ...zum Abheben gut!

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Our guiding principles at the Jochum Driving School

The key principle of our driving school is providing thorough, comprehensive and success-oriented driving education. In this approach you, as the driving student, are at the centre of the process. Having been in the business since 1972, you can profit from our didactic and pedagogical experience. Although we operate with an established educational program, we remain committed to its continued improvement and innovation.

In the German system, acquiring a driving license requires the completion of a theoretical component and a practical component, with each part respectively concluding with a test.

Theoretical education

In the theoretical component, the student participates together with us in small learning groups to develop and acquire knowledge that can be drawn upon for the practical lessons. At the same time you will also have the opportunity to discuss and work out tricky driving exercises. A third area of emphasis concerns assisting you in preparing for the theoretical examination.

According to German law, it is mandatory for the first-time acquisition of a driving license that you attend 12 general lessons of 90 minutes each. In case you already have a driving license for another vehicle type, the number of lessons is reduced to 6 90-minute periods. Additionally 2 90-minute lessons specific to the desired class of license are required. This means that for the Class-B driving license a total of at least 14 90-minute lessons must be attended.

Utilizing a variety of media, we are committed to making the theoretical component as interesting and educational as possible. For those of you who would like to see for yourself, a single lesson can be visited free of charge without any commitment on your part.

Theoretical lessons are scheduled for the following times:

Tuesdays from 19.00 – 20.30
Fridays from 16.00 – 17.30

Lessons are given at the driving school.

Additionally we also offer intensified courses. Schedules are available upon request.

Practical education

The driving lessons are comprised of a wide variety of exercises, ranging from learning the basic operation of a vehicle to driving in city traffic, from parking exercises to overland drives on highways, from learning to drive on the “Autobahn” to night drives and making final preparations for the practical examination.

Step by step you will be led through the systematic acquisition of each learning objective. The last educational step is the practical examination. It is very important that you feel secure going into this test. For this reason we offer you a special program regarding preparation for this exam.

The practical educational component is composed of standard city drives and a minimum number of special drives that must be completed.

For the acquisition of a Class-B automobile driving license, the following special drives are compulsory:

- 3 night drives
- 4 autobahn drives
- 5 overland drives

At our driving school special drives and city drives are offered at the same price.



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